All nomination forms are due by 4:00 PM FRIDAY, MARCH 1, 2019.

The Broker of the Year awards are based purely on Gross Commission Income only. Submissions are made directly to the CPA firm listed on the current event and awards pages. They will review all submissions to determine the winner in each category. Submissions are completely confidential and are treated as such. The submission sheets are maintained by the selected CPA firm and are destroyed after the Summit Awards.

A total of ten (10) individual or team and brokerage house awards will be given. One (1) award will be given in each of the following categories:

Rising Star

  • Click here to download this year’s Broker of the Year entry form.


The Largest Lease Transaction award is based purely on the dollar volume of the gross base rents of the lease, regardless of the lease term, type of lease, new lease vs. renewal. The award recipient for the Largest Lease Transaction will be the broker(s) who transacted this lease, so long as the lease occurred within Northern Nevada.

  • Click here to download this year’s Largest Lease entry form.


The Largest Sale Transaction is awarded to the brokers who participated in the highest dollar volume sale transaction, regardless of property type or location (except that it must have occurred within Northern Nevada). This award will typically be for a single parcel sale, except where multiple parcels (in a shopping center, PUD, subdivision, etc.) were transferred jointly as part of a single transaction on the same calendar day.

  • Click here to download this year’s Largest Sale entry form.


Total Overall Transactions by Brokerage Office  is awarded to the brokerage office with the most overall number of sales and lease transactions within a single office, that have occurred within Northern Nevada.

  • Click here to download this year’s Total Overall Transactions by Brokerage Office entry form.


Rules and Regulations click here to download the rules which must be signed by the applicant and submitted with the application for Broker of the Year, Largest Lease and Largest Sale awards.

Hand deliver or mail  your submission forms to:

ATTN: Darin Maddox, CPA
477 E. 9th Street
Reno, NV 89512
For questions about the Summit Award nomination process please email